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Print formatting & Resetting default report fonts

Article ID: 2025210            Last Updated: 5 April 2023


Occasionally you may need to reset AccountEdge's default print settings or reporting fonts.  Reasons may include:

Resetting print formatting

  1.  In AccountEdge, at the top left corner of your screen, click FilePage Setup...
  2.  In the Page Seup window, click the Format For option and select Any Printer.
  3.  Click the Format For option again and reselect your preferred printer.
  4.  Click OK and print your report or form.

     If the issue persists continue below.

Resetting reports fonts

  1.  In AccountEdge, at the top left corner of your screen, click FileDefault Fonts...
  2.  In the Default Font Selection window, click the Reports button.
  3.  In the Report Format window, set each Report Line font to your preferred font and size.


Although you can use any font and size you desire, we recommend the following fonts:

  1.  Once you've set the fonts as your require, click OK.

Your reports should now automatically use your new default fonts.

If the problem persists...

If you find that your reports are 'blank' or not using your selected default fonts, do the following:

  1.  Check that the default font has been set per the steps above.
  2.  Go to the affected report’s Customisation window and click the Format button.
  3.  In the Report Format window, click Use Default, which will set the report to use your default fonts.


 Click OK and produce your report.




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