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Authorising Making Tax Digital for VAT

Error 403 - Client or Agent not Authorised

Article ID: 2025240                      Last updated: 19 April 2024


When authorising Making Tax Digital for VAT, or attempting to Set VAT Period, you may receive the following error:

Error 403

Most Frequent Cause:

The most frequent cause for Error 403 is attempting to authorise Making Tax Digital using an incorrect HMRC business tax account.

Examples include using a personal gov.uk account or an incorrect company's HMRC business tax account.

Note:  The gov.uk system will provide MTD authorisation codes even for non-MTD gov.uk accounts.

Resolving MTD Error 403

If you have previously submitted Making Tax Digital VAT returns for the affected company, start at Step 2.

1.  Have you signed the affected company up to Making Tax Digital for VAT?

2.  If your business has been signed up for MTD for VAT or you have previously submitted MTD VAT returns for the affected company from AccountEdge, please sign in to your HMRC business tax account and confirm the following:


3.  If your online HMRC business tax account appears to be correct, please do the following:

  1.  Make a backup of your company file.
  2.  In AccountEdge, go to Setup> Company VAT Information and untick 'I use AccountEdge for MTD VAT Return submissions'.
  3.  Click OK to close the window.
  4.  Go back into Setup> Company VAT Information and re-tick 'I use AccountEdge for MTD VAT Return submissions'.
  5.  Re-authorise your company file for Making Tax Digital using the instructions here.


4.  If the problem remains, please contact HMRC directly and ask them to:




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