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Setting the currency symbol in a single currency company

Article ID: 2027012            Last Updated: 30 March 2023


AccountEdge 2023 introduces a new feature that allows users to set the currency symbol (and other details) in a single-currency company file.

Previously, single currency company files would use the computer's local currency settings, which limited the user's ability to use a bespoke currency symbol in a company file.

NOTE:  Upon upgrade to AccountEdge 2023 or later, the default currency symbol for all company files will be set to £.

Setting the currency symbol in a company file

To set the currency symbol a company file:

1.   In AccountEdge, go to Setup> Preferences.

2.   In the System tab, click the Local Currency button.

3.   In the Currency Profile window, set your Currency Symbol and make any other changes you require.

Check the positive and negative amount examples at the bottom of the window and click OK when you are happy.

NOTE:  This change will affect only this company file;  other company files can be updated separately if required.





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