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Registration & Licensing FAQ's

Article ID: 2024792            Last Updated: 10 December 2021


You can register your AccountEdge product on as many computers for which you own an AccountEdge licence. Additional AccountEdge registrations require the purchase of additional licences.

Trial Period: All newly installed AccountEdge products (including upgrades) provide an initial 30 day trial period on each computer. Beyond the trial period all products require registration, whether you are a new customer or upgrading from a previous version of AccountEdge.

Transferring Licences to Other Computers: To transfer your software from one computer to another, you will need to deactivate the licence from the currently registered computer and then activate the software on your other computer. This can be done as often as you require. Click here for more about transferring licences.


Registration Messages

The following list provides solutions and information about the most common registration messages.

'Your licence could not be renewed, only licences with a valid service agreement can be renewed'

This message indicates that either you have not yet purchased a renewal for your AccountEdge licence, or that your licence has not yet been updated to reflect your purchase. Please contact the Ledger One Sales Team on 0208 152 9915 to confirm the status with your account manager.

End of Service Agreement:

If you have decided not to renew your service agreement, please click here for more information.

'The number of available registered licences for this serial number has been exceeded'

You can install and register your AccountEdge product on as many computers as you own licences for. With the initial purchase of the product, you are entitled to install and register the product on one computer. If you would like to install the software on more computers, you will need to purchase additional workstation licenses. These can be purchased over the phone by calling our customer service team on 0208 152 9915. 

'The serial number entered is not associated with the software'

Make sure you have entered the correct serial number in the registration window. Also ensure that the product you've installed matches that of your purchase. For example, if you purchased a licence for AccountEdge but are attempting to register AccountEdge Plus, you will receive this error message.

You will also receive this error if you are attempting to register a version of the software from a different country to that of your purchase. For example, if you have a serial number for the UK version of AccountEdge, you will not be able to register a US or Canadian version of the product. 

'The serial number entered is associated with an older version of the software'

You may be attempting to register a newer version of the product than the one associated with your serial number. If you haven’t purchased an upgrade to the version you are attempting to register, you can do so on our web site or by calling the customer service team on 0208 152 9915. 




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