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AccountEdge Pro - Common Questions

Article ID: 2027000                      Last updated:  15 December 2023

AccountEdge Pro supports the latest versions of Apple macOS.

AccountEdge Pro also operates with Intel processors and Apple silicon M1, M2 & M3 chips.

AccountEdge Pro supports the following macOS's:

See AccountEdge Pro & NE system requirements for more information.


Will I need to pay to upgrade to AccountEdge Pro?

All customers with a current service agreement can upgrade to AccountEdge Pro as part of their current agreement.

Is there a network edition of AccountEdge Pro?

AccountEdge NE is available for customers currently using AccountEdge Plus NE.

Can I continue to use AccountEdge, AccountEdge Plus, or AccountEdge Plus NE?

If your computer cannot yet run AccountEdge Pro, you can continue to use your legacy version of the product.

However, updates and upgrades will only be provided for AccountEdge Pro.

Can I upgrade directly to AccountEdge Pro from an old version of AccountEdge?

You can upgrade directly to AccountEdge Pro no matter which version of AccountEdge you are currently using.

I use Payroll, how does AccountEdge Pro affect me?

We recommend all Payroll customers upgrade to AccountEdge Pro as soon as possible.

Is AppleScript supported with AccountEdge Pro?

Scripted import/exports via AppleScript are discontinued with AccountEdge Pro.

Do I need to upgrade my macOS before I upgrade to AccountEdge Pro?

We recommend that you upgrade to AccountEdge Pro on your current macOS before you upgrade your macOS to a later version.


We recommend that you install AccountEdge Pro on your main computer (not within the Parallels machine).

After AccountEdge Pro is installed, move your company file(s) from the Parallels machine to the main computer.


We recommend that you install AccountEdge Pro on the new computer first, then move your company file(s) from the old computer to the new computer.


Is there anything different about the AccountEdge Pro installation process?

Some Microsoft compontents are required to run AccountEdge Pro, so expect to see some Microsoft prompts during the first-time installation.


AEPro Install.png


Also, when installing AccountEdge Pro for the first time, you will receive a warning window stating that:

"Setup may not run properly, because the Windows Update Service / Windows Modules Installer Service is not available on this computer."

Setup May Not Run Properly.png

Click Continue to advance.

These warnings do not affect the installation of AccountEdge Pro.




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