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AccountEdge Installation - Antivirus Warnings

Article ID: 2027004            Last Updated:  27 September 2022


Depending on which antivirus software you are using, you may receive warnings about possible suspicious files while installing or updating AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE.

AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge NE install within a CrossOver application environment, which comes packaged with various Microsoft files. These files may be falsely flagged by some antivirus applications.

We would like to assure our customers that the source of AccountEdge packages and files are from reputable companies, namely CodeWeavers (developers of CrossOver) and Acclivity LLC, the global developers of AccountEdge. Additionally, Ledger One has had the installer packages examined by a number of antivirus companies (BitDefender, Intego, AVG and Avast) for the assurance of our customers.

In order to install or update your AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE, please try the following:

1.   Turn off/Deactivate your antivirus application temporarily.

2.   Remove any AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE .zip or .dmg files from your Downloads folder (or the folder in which your downloaded files are placed).

3.   Reinstall AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE on your computer using the instructions HERE.

4.   Once the installation completes, start AccountEdge so that you are at the Welcome Window.

5.   Click the AccountEdge menu at the top left corner of your screen, next to the Apple button, and Check For Updates.  Install any available updates.

6.   Once the installation complete and no further updates are available, please do the following:

  1. Close AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE.
  2. Add the AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE application (in your Applications folder) to your antivirus's Exceptions list.
  3. Add the AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE folder (in your [Macinstosh HD] / Users / (your user) / Library / Application Support folder) to your antivirus's Exceptions / Trusted list.
  4. Turn on / re-activate your antivirus application.

Additional notes:

If you wish for your antivirus provider to whitelist AccountEdge, you can report the warnings to your antivius support team for analysis and whitelisting. Please feel free to share the download links from our website with your antivirus support team if they need to examine them. Your antivirus support team can also contact the Ledger One support team for any required clarifications.

If you require assistance with installation, please do not hesitate to contact the Ledger One support team.





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